Another Anti-Spam Tool

 by Allan J. Greenberg

Until laws are passed prohibiting unsolicited commercial e-mail messages, it is up to us to control or eliminate spam from our In Box. In another anti-spam article, I wrote about an e-mail spam filter called MailWasher. MailWasher is a very good free program (for POP3 e-mail) that downloads only the subject and sender for each incoming e-mail message. The program then determines if an e-mail message is spam or not. The user can override the determination. Spam is then deleted at the user's ISP server and only the non-spam messages are then downloaded into the user's e-mail program.

In this article, I would like to tell you about another program that eliminates spam before it reaches your In Box. It is called Spamihilator and it is also a free program. Spamihilator is installed in your computer and runs in the background. When mail is checked, Spamihilator tests the message and determines the probability that the message is spam. Spamihilator works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Phoenix Mail, Opera, Mozilla and Netscape. Only those messages that the program determines is not spam are allowed to be placed in your In Box. Messages that are determined to be spam are moved to Spamihilator's Recycle Bin, where you can review the program's decisions and override them. If you don't override Spamihilator's decision, the messages in the Recycle Bin will be deleted after 60 days (unless you change the default) so you do not have to view them. Or, you may empty the Recycle Bin at any time.

Spamihilator uses what is called a Bayesian Filter, which examines the incoming e-mail and assigns the probability that the message is spam based upon the word or words that it finds in the message. Furthermore, you can train the filter to better recognize the spam in your messages by designating a message as spam if Spamihilator does not. Subsequent messages of a similar nature will be labeled as spam and placed in Spamihilator's Recycle Bin. You may also need to designate some e-mail messages as "friend" if Spamihilator incorrectly designates some as spam. As you use Spamihilator and train it to better recognize your spam messages, Spamihilator improves and filters these types of messages from your view.

If you are interested in trying this free anti-spam tool, just go to Spamihilator at the following address: