Calendar, Events and To Do Program

 by Allan J. Greenberg

I recently became aware of a calendar program that I've installed and really like. It is called Rainlender. I've used Outlook for a long time, but with the purchase of a new computer I did not wish to buy another copy of Microsoft Office. I tried Windows Calendar which is included with Windows Vista followed by Mozilla Sunbird. Both programs do an OK job, but fall short in a few areas.

When I became aware of Rainlender, I downloaded it and installed it. Rainlender displays a small calendar, Events and To Do lists on your Desktop. It also places an icon in your system tray with the day on it. If the Desktop is covered with an open window, you just need to click on that icon in the system tray to bring up the calendar, Events and To Do lists.

Rainlendar is intuitive and quite easy to use. Within minutes I was able to figure out how to enter events and things to do. It is also compatible with other calendar programs. It uses the icalendar format which allows you to import calendar files from other calendar programs and to export calendar files to other calendar programs or to just back up your Rainlendar calendar.

Rainlendar Lite version is free and works with all versions of Windows. If you would like to try it, you can download it by going to the Rainlendar Web site. Choose the lite version which can be seen on the right side of the page.

The features are too numerous to mention here, but if you would like to check out the features, click on the Features link at the top of the Rainlendar Web page.