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Cypress SeniorNet Session 2, 2011 Classes in session. "Click Current Courses". Future Class Scheule (Session 3) to be posted in near future.

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Coordinating Council Members: Next Council meeting: To be announced.

Teleloop For Hearing Impaired:

1. The Cypress SeniorNet Learning Center has special facilities that include a teleloop system to aid the hearing impaired. This technology is based on electromagnetic transmission and has the unique advantage that the signal is received directly by the user's hearing aid when equipped with a T-coil (tele-magnetic pickup coil). A teleloop system consists of an amplifier and a loop that runs along the perimeter of the room. When the loop amplifier is fed a signal from a microphone or the house PA system, the sound is received by the user's hearing aid without the need for an additional receiver as is required by all other technologies.
2. We are 'wireless' now - students may now bring their own personal laptops to class and use them (see instructor first).


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