Photo and Image Editing Software

 by Allan J. Greenberg

As we begin to gather more and more photos and images into our computer, our thoughts shift to editing or manipulating them. We find that photos or images need to be lightened or darkened. They need to be cropped, rotated, resized and sharpened or softened. There is a need to remove red-eye, remove unwanted objects and to touch up scratches or dust marks. We need software to help us make great photos and images out of the ones we have.

That's where Photo and Image Editing software comes in. There are many on the market today. Some editing software is of the wizard type, that is, programs that perform editing functions by clicking on a button and viewing the results. Microsoft Picture Publishing and MGI PhotoSuite 4.0 fall into this category. They are very good editing programs for the person starting to manipulate photos and images.

Another category of photo and image editing software is the type that gives the user complete control of the smallest element (pixel) of the image. Software that falls into this category are Adobe PhotoShop Elements 4.0 and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, for example. These are excellent programs which give the user control over the modification or manipulation of photos and images. The programs are designed primarily for the home or small business use. Cost, however, can run from approximately $50 to $100 retail.

There is a photo and image editing program that is free. The program is PhotoPlus 6. It is an older version of PhotoPlus 10 (the current release). The author has used this program to edit and modify photos and images with ease and great success. The program has approximately the same look and feel of PhotoShop Elements and Paint Shop Pro. Learning to use PhotoPlus 6 would greatly help the user to move to PhotoPlus 8 or 19 and the other photo and imaging software mentioned above.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this program, you need to download it from the Internet. Go to PhotoPlus 6 and download the file to your hard drive. This is a large file ( 19.4 Mbytes), so if you have a dialup connection to the Internet you may want to start the download and go do something until the download is complete. When the download is complete, click on the file to start the installation process. When you are finished installing the program, start PhotoPlus 6. You will see a window that indicates that you need to register with Serif. Follow the registration process which will result in a KEY sent to you via e-mail. This KEY will be used one time to unlock the program. Subsequent usages will not require a key.