by Allan J. Greenberg

I have come across a fine program and I feel the need to pass along some information about it. Perhaps you already know about it or have downloaded it and are using it. But if not, here is some useful information.

Picasa2 is a photo application program now provided by Google. It is a combined photo album, photo sorter and photo editor. When you first install Picasa2, you are given the option to scan your hard drive or a specific area of your hard drive, such as My Documents or My Pictures. When it finishes finding and sorting your photos, it displays them by date and by folders. Other options are available for displaying your photos.

In addition to the photo management capabilities, Picasa2 has photo-editing capabilities. It can crop, straighten photos and remove redeye. With Picasa2, you can change the color, contrast, and apply fill light and much more. It does a beautiful job of displaying your photos as a slideshow. You can import your photos directly from your camera to Picasa2 and you can backup your photos. And there is much more you can do with this program.

Oh, did I mention that the program is FREE. To get your copy, just click on the link below: