Stop Pop-Up and Pop-Under Browser Windows

 by Allan J. Greenberg

Have you ever been surfing the Internet only to have a window pop-up on your monitor? Have you ever closed your browser only to find a pop-under window behind it? Well, I have many times and I find it very annoying. I won't mention any products, but I'll bet you're thinking of the same one that I am that annoys me frequently.

Pop-up windows are Web pages that open by themselves. You will often experience these windows when you visit a Web site. You did not request the Web page nor click on a link to go to it. It was put there by Web sites to sell products or to force you to another Web site or page. The same holds true for pop-under windows, except these windows are behind your browser window.

If you find the pop-up or pop-under windows annoying also, you can do something about it. There are programs that you can download and install that block them or gets rid of them. Some of these programs are free.

One such free program is called Pop-Up Stopper (version 2.6). It is a product of Panicware, Inc. (Free Pop-Up Stopper). Pop-Up Stopper runs on any computer with Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT or XP operating system. It supports Internet Explorer 5.x - 6.x and Netscape 4.x.

To install Pop-Up Stopper, go to the Web site shown above. Then click on the Pop-Up Stopper link in the middle of the page. Scroll down until you see the Pop-Up Stopper Free Version section. Click on the Download button. Make sure you save the download file to a folder on your hard drive where you can find it when the download is complete. After the file has been downloaded, find the file and click on it. The installation process will begin. Follow the directions on your monitor until installation is complete.

Pop-Up Stopper will add an icon to your system tray (on the right side of the taskbar). You can right-click on this icon and click on the Preferences command to change the configuration at any time.

Well, you are ready to surf the Internet without the annoying pop-up and pop-under windows.