A System Maintenance Tool

 by Allan J. Greenberg

It is a difficult and constant chore to maintain our computers in good working order. Spyware and adware creeps in and loges on our hard drive, the registry becomes bloated with invalid and erroneous information, programs that we don't want or need start when Windows boots up and junk files take up room on our hard drive that could be used for data.

There are a number of individual programs that can be installed to deal with the problems noted above. And when it comes to spyware and adware, it is recommended that several programs be used for no one program is said to find all malware. One program that can deal with all the problems noted above is called Advanced WindowsCare Personal V2.

Advanced WindowsCare Personal is an all-in-one tool that helps keep your computer free of spyware and adware in addition to analyzing your system and suggesting changes to optimize performance. It also cleans unwanted files. And best of all, this free program is simple to use. Here is a list of its features:

Removes spyware
Prevents spyware from being installed in your computer
Fixes invalid and incorrect registry entries and values
Optimizes and repairs system configuration
Optimizes the startup items
Erases your activity history and surfing traces
Cleans up temporary and junk files

When you start the program, you can choose which features to run. I choose all the features by making sure that a checkmark is placed in all check boxes. Next, just click on the Scan button at the bottom of the window. When the program completes scanning your computer, it will show problems found in red and where no problems are found in green. You may view the details for problem areas, however, I have found that I can just click on the Repair button at the bottom of the window and all the problems found are corrected.

This program by IObit.com can be downloaded from the link below:
Advanced WindowsCare V 2.51 is designed for Windows XP, 2000 and Vista.