Willows SeniorNet

Learn to Maneuver Within Windows 10, Step-by-Step

PREREQUISITES: Completion of "Introduction to Computers" or equivalent knowledge and skills and knowledge of how to use mouse successfully.

This is a unique one of a kind class offering  students Step-by-Step instruction into the operations of Windows 10.  The lesson manuals have been designed to weekly build upon your knowledge in how to accomplish specific tasks in multiple ways, and use computerProgram/Apps. Each lesson builds upon skills you will have learned in previous lessons.

This class will walk you through setting up various types of user accounts: personal, administrative, and guest. You will learn about how to organize tile folder groups on the start menu as well as customize your computer to suit your needs. The manuals allow you to go home and follow the Step-byStep lessons we perform in class.

This course teaches you how to manuver within the Desktop, Start Menu, Taskbar, Settings and the File Explorer Navigation folder hierarchy (where's my stuff).

This is a great course for those wishing to transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or for those just wanting to understand a little more about their computer. Beginners welcomed.

We will register 17 students in this course that meets 2 hrs. per week for 8 weeks.
Willow Glen Community Center
2175 Lincoln Avenue
San Jose, CA. 95125
(408) 448-6400