Willows SeniorNet

General Information


SeniorNet is a national non-profit membership organization, for people age 50 and over, that is dedicated to building a community of computer-using seniors. This is accomplished by sponsoring SeniorNet Learning Centers where courses are offered in computer applications. SeniorNet also offers an Online facility for member communications and information exchange and provides additional help by publishing educational material.

Willows SeniorNet Learning Center

The Willows SeniorNet Learning Center is located at the Willow Glen Community & Senior Center, 2175 Lincoln Ave., San Jose, CA. 95125. The center is on Lincoln avenue, just north of the Curtner intersection. You can contact the Willow Glen Community & Senior Center at (408) 448-6400.

Seventeen IBM compatible computers, plus the instructor's computer are used in a dedicated classroom for instructional and lab use purposes. A large overhead projector connected to the instructor's computer displays the contents of the instructors monitor so that the student can follow along. When courses are not being taught, members can use the computers and receive some additional help from the lab monitors.

Willows SNLC Courses

Most of the courses are two hours in length, one day a week for eight weeks. Currently SNLC is offering classes at 9:00 to 11:00 AM, 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM and 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. Course schedules for these classes will vary each eight week session, so you should check the current course schedule for the date and time. No classes on Saturday.

Courses range from the Introduction to Computers where no computer knowledge nor skill is required to Intermediate/Advanced courses. The Intermediate/Advanced courses include Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Quicken, Genealogy, Internet, Digital Photography, Working with Adobe Photoshop Elements, Windows 7, Using E-mail, File Management, Fun with Google and Computer Maintenance. The Intermediate/Advanced courses are limited to members who have completed the Introduction to Computers course or have equivalent experience. Some Intermediate/Advanced courses will require additional prerequisites. Click the links under CLASS on the Current Courses page for descriptions. Get on the Mailing List to receive your registration notice for the latest information.

Classes such as Buying a Computer and others are offered free to members as the need is determined. To see what courses will be available in the next session, go to the Future Course Schedule page. To see the dates for future course sessions, go to the Course Calendar page.

Application to Willows SNLC

Seniors must complete a SeniorNet Membership Application form and submit it to be entered into the Willows SNLC Mail List Database. This may be done by completing the Membership Application Form online, or by completing the form at the Willow Glen Community & Senior Center between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Hard copy applications must be received in the Willow Glen Community & Senior Center office no later than one week prior to the scheduled mailing date. On-line applications must also be submitted at least one week prior to the scheduled mailing date. Once on the mail list, you will continue to receive notices.

Registration for Courses

Seniors on the mailing list will receive notification of the date, time and the courses available for the next set of courses. Registration for courses is currently based on a random drawing of place numbers in the lowest to highest sequence. Early arrival and being first in line for registration will not improve your chances of drawing a low number. See detailed instructions on your registration notice.

If you miss the assigned registration day, call for answers regarding present or future classes at: (408) 371-3999. OR EMAIL her at: Libby Harbour.

Course and SeniorNet Fees

Course and SeniorNet fees will be collected on the day of registration. You will need a check for the course fee made payable to Willows SNLC. The fee for most courses is $20. In addition to the course fee, you must join or be a member of SeniorNet. The cost of individual membership in the SeniorNet organization is $44 the first year and $33 any year thereafter. Checks for this fee should be made payable to: SeniorNet Willows SNLCSJ  We cannot accept checks in advance of the day of course registrations.

Willow Glen Community Center
2175 Lincoln Avenue
San Jose, CA. 95125
(408) 448-6400