Willows SeniorNet


The Willows SeniorNet Learning Center needs volunteer staff members to maintain the resources required to bring quality services to our senior membership. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Richard at Richard Ferman. Thanks for your help.

Your San Jose SeniorNet Learning Center is staffed entirely by volunteers. Some volunteer opportunities require a bit of technical know-how but many do not. Listed below are several that anyone can help with.


We need volunteers to help register the new classes - tell people where to stand, help fill out the forms - you know the drill.

No technical skill required.

It's for three hours every 10 weeks.

Why not? You have to come for your own registration anyway.


After the registration, often times there is a need to call students - find out why they didn't attend, see if they want to fill a vacancy, etc, etc.

No technical skill required.

A few hours on the telephone every 10 weeks - piece of cake.

Beginning Coaching

Now you may think of coaching as requiring deep subject knowledge and, in fact, some subject knowledge would be helpful. But there are also coaching functions that do NOT require subject knowledge, eg. signing in students, making handout copies, distributing and collecting handouts, etc.

Technical skill useful but not required.

Assist during each 2 hour class - 2, 4, or 8 days per session depending on the course.

Besides being fun and rewarding, you will be surprised how much you will learn.

To show appreciation for continuing assistance

Volunteer Coaches, Instructors and Administrators, for a single course each session, pay no fee for course or manual on a space available basis after they have volunteered for at least two sessions.

Courses must be registered for before Registration day by Handout Form or Web Site online Registration, by drop-in on Registration day, or by contacting Libby Harbour (408)-371-3999 after Registration day.

After signing up for a second course for each session, Coaches, Instructors and Administrators pay the course fee but receive a free manual - (course fee is refundable if the course is not otherwise filled).

These rules apply to "significant others" for Coaches, Instructors and Administrators.

After two sessions of service, volunteers will receive free SeniorNet membership.

If interested

Email your phone number and the volunteer activity you are interested in to Richard Ferman at Volunteer Form

Willow Glen Community Center
2175 Lincoln Avenue
San Jose, CA. 95125
(408) 448-6400